Remedies for Anxiety about School

Remedies for Anxiety about School

When our children head back for school we often notice a change in their anxiety levels.  When considering homeopathic remedies to make things easier for our children, we need to take note of how they express their anguish, the triggers and the emotions and responses that happen. Anxiety about school is a huge subject and one which affects many families.

So it is important to notice how their overall behaviour changes, the changes that we see should be interpreted as their expression of the anxiety caused.  These are important to note in order to choose the right remedy that is going to help them feel more comfortable with their surroundings.   So ten children with anxiety about school will be given ten different remedies.   This is important to remember if you ask a group of parents what helped their children because it might not be the same for your child.

Don’t forget, if you, as a parent, suffer with anxiety, your child will also pick this up and will reflect your emotion in their own behaviours.  It is quite usual for a homeopath to give a parent a remedy and watch a noticeable change occur in their child.

Collecting the full facts from your children is near impossible.  They often can’t express what they are feeling, they have no idea of the cause and they might be fearful of your response should they choose to tell you everything.  For this reason we have to learn to observe emotional reactions without prejudice, without judgement and without expressing negative emotions ourselves.  We are then in a much better position to gather the relevant information to find the best suited remedy.

Evening Talking
One idea I read recently was to create a game at the table during your evening meal.  The idea is to get your children used to talking about their day.   If you start by asking ….. what was the silliest moment in your day today?  What was the meanest thing you heard today?  What was the funniest thing your saw today?  What was the most annoying part of your day?    This is something the whole family can do together and learn much more about each other as well.

As a homeopath when we are trying to find the most well indicated remedies, we will also be matching the physical symptoms displayed with other health indicators. We will also compare this information with the family health history and previous ill health or emotional and physical trauma in order to find the most suitable remedy.  

For you, as a parent, finding a remedy that can help right now, you need to collect everything you can about what is happening and read as much as you can about the three remedies that seem to fit the best to the symptoms experienced right now.

Here are some useful remedies to consider:

Great Remedies for Anxiety about School

Gelsemium …. Feels weak and tired
Fright, fear, unpleasant surprise, anger.
Useful for children who are nervous, irritable, sensitive or excitable.  Can become hysterical.
Physically can be weak, tired, delicate, timid or easy to anger. Can appear dazed or apathetic.  Desire to be quiet and to be left alone.   Can be dizzy, drowsy or even droopy.
Emotional excitement leads to fear.  Dreads ordeals or pain.  Great fear of Doctors and dentists.  Child grabs you and clutches you as if afraid of falling.

Argentum Nitricum …. Anticipatory anxiety

Anticipation anxiety, apprehension, fear or fright. Nervous, impulsive and hurried. Diarrhoea when ready to leave the house. Fear of flying, fear or heights, fear of tall buildings.   Cannot go past a certain point. Tormented by strong ideas or emotions, loss of ambition because of fear of failure.  Irrational thoughts.  Desire to talk.
Desire for sweets, splinter like pains, explosive belching, intolerance of heat, abdominal pains from mental exertion.

Aconite Napellus … Fearful and jumpy
Great fear and anxiety.  Fears the future, fears crowds, fears crossing the street, fears death. Physical ailments from fright. Nightmares, phobias, panic attacks. Fears Doctors and dentists. Fears the dark, fears ghosts, fears of speaking in public.   Imagination is acute.  Sensitive to noise and to music. Agoraphobia, restlessness. Tendency to be startled, jumpy.

Arsenicum Album …. Fastidious and fearful
Anguish and restlessness. Fears death, germs, dirt, health and being left alone. Oversensitive, fault finding irritable. Fastidious in behaviour. Fear with a cold sweat. Extremely nervous, can be suspicious, selfish, and often lacks courage.

Baryta Carbonica …. Extreme shyness
Mistrustful, shy of strangers, Forgets what she was saying or doing. Bashful and timid, loss of self confidence.

Calcaria Carbonica.  Overwhelmed by worry … likes home and family
Overwhelmed by work or worry.  Worries about duties and work.  Forgetful, inability to apply oneself, apathetic, apprehensive, melancholy. Misplaces words or expresses himself wrongly, children are self willed and obstinate, afraid of everything.

Cina …. Cross, very touchy

Very cross.  Does not want to be touched.  Can be ugly, irritable, petulant and dissatisfied.   Does not take punishment well. Has the feeling of doing things wrongly.  Easily offended.

Lycopodium … Hates anything new … digestive pains
Indecision, timidity, loss of confidence, poor self esteem.  Fear of breaking down. Cannot bear anything new.  Anticipation, fright, fear of speaking in public. Apprehensive.  Sensitive.  Can be domineering and head strong.   Can have a weak memory, dyslexia with writing or saying the wrong words.  Often emotional worries are accompanied with digestive pains.

Phosphorus …. Loves people …excitable
Impressionable, anxious, timid and irresolute. Disinclined to work, study or talk. Wants sympathy, wants attention, over sensitive, loss of memory, brain feels tired yet restless.  Fidgety, loves attention, loves affection, needs approval.

I hope this information will be useful to you.  If you would like to find out more about working with a homeopath to help address the cause of current symptoms then please click here to book a FREE 15 minute discovery consultation with Mary Greensmith.

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