Organ Support Remedies

Organ Support Remedies
Quite often it is necessary to prescribing supporting remedies which complement and work alongside your main holistic remedy.   Organ support remedies are useful to help the excretion of toxins as the body cleanses and balances your systems.

We are asking your body to change something.  We are asking your body to react in a different way.  We are asking your body to clear out the old rubbish and begin building new and fresh cells which are more capable of maintaining health.

In order for your body to make these changes it needs to detox.  It needs to eliminate all of the old waste, the toxins which aren’t needed or which are causing the imbalance.

Many of your organs have a part to play in elimination, these organs often need additional support whilst we carry out a homeopathic reboot of your system.  The signs and symptoms which lead us to believe the organs may need a helping hand include but are not limited by:

Unrefreshing sleep
Restless legs
Flu like symptoms
Brain fog
UTI infections

Organ Support Remedies include:

Kidneys and Adrenals: 
Berberis, camphora, cantharis, cortisol. equisetum, kreosotum, lycopdium, silica, staphysagria, tuberculinum

Aconite, berberis vulgaris, colchicum, hepar sulph, lycopodium, opium, phosphorus, sulphur

Endocrine System
Sepia, phytolacca, folliculinum, medorrhinum, sulphur, lachasis, gelsemium, pulsatilla

Anthraxinum, graphites, petroleum, platanum, psorinum, silica, sulphur, vernix

Antimony tartaricum, kali bichromatum, kali bromatum, lachasis

Ambra Grisea, arsenicum, camphora, magnesium muriaticum, sepia, thuja

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