Homeopathy for Stammering

Stramonium – Has to exert himself a long time before he can utter a word. Has to make great effort to speak, distorts the face.framework.2

Spigelia – Tongue stammer, repeats first syllable three or four times. Stammering with abdominal complaints.

Bovista – Stammering with palpitation. Stammering while reading, even reading aggravates stammering.

Kali brom – Stammering; Slow difficult speech. Find difficult to collect his thoughts.

Cicuta virosa – Can articulate first few words of the sentence without difficulty. He is seized with slight jerking
of the head backwards while speaking, especially after uttering a few words freely.

Lachesis – Difficulty in pronouncing some letters or particular words.

Zincum metallicum – Repeat in a monotonous way, the words and sentences he hears.