Homeopathic Remedies for Sleeping Issues in Children

Useful Remedies for Sleep Issues with Children


  • Moans and tosses about during sleep
  • Restless, jerks while asleep, sleeplessness with drowsiness
  • Frightful dreams of quarrels, robbers
  • Sleeps with hand under head
  • Heavy sleep with hot skin


  • Nightmares and anxious dreams
  • Fear, fright, anxiety
  • Restless and tossing about

Arsenicum Album

  • Disturbed, anxious, restless sleep
  • Violent starting with twitching and trembling of limbs when asleep
  • Worries at 2am


  • Compulsive movement of hands whilst sleeping
  • Cannot sleep because of heat in the head
  • Sleeplessness at night

Calcaria  Carbonica

  • Insomnia due to worry
  • Night terrors/nightmares, dreams of monsters
  • Starts at every noise
  • Frequent waking during the night
  • Head sweats during the night
  • Teeth grinding at night
  • Wakes in a good mood and usually early


  • Frequent movement of arms and legs during sleep
  • Yawns and stretches very drowsy
  • Slightest noise awakes
  • Laughs and cries during sleep
  • Chamomilla
  • Weeping and wailing during sleep,
  • Anxious and frightened of dreams

China Officinalis

  • Drowsiness and heavy sleep or sleeplessness
  • Fear of dreams remain


  • Sleeps on abdomen
  • Screams or talks in sleep
  • Night terrors.  Wakes frightened
  • Grits or grinds teeth


  • Fears of being alone in the dark
  • Fears of ghosts, robbers or monsters
  • On waking becomes cross and scolds his mother.
  • Laughs or weeps in sleep

Always hungry, must have something to eat during the night


  • Sleeps with hands by head
  • Wide awake in the evening.
  • First sleep restless
  • Talks, whines or screams during the night
  • Desires company and hates to be left alone
  • Insecurity
  • Needs to be rocked or caressed to  fall to sleep
  • Children procrastinate bedtime by wanting a drink, going to the loo, wanting to talk, needing another story.


  • Great amounts of energy at bedtime
    Sleep unrefreshing or awake early with lots of energy
  • Awakes with starts or screams
  • Cannot sleep between 1am and 5am
  • Sleeps on the left side or their abdomen
  • Become warm dorm sleep and stick feet out of covers


  • Insomnia
  • Nocturnal hallucinations
  • Child wakes screaming with restlessness.
  • Distressing dreams, awakes in horror
  • Hard to fall asleep, restlessness physical and to calm the mind
  • Teeth grinding whilst asleep
  • Wakes slowly in the morning and if pushed will react with a temper


  • Children do not want to sleep alone and often make a fuss until the parent lies down with them.
  • Fear of the dark and have to have a light on.
  • Often will sneak into their parents room during the night.
  • Restless sleep, sleep walking or talking.
  • Nightmares or terrors
  • Sleep on their right side or their tummy.
  • Often awake in the morning full of energy and hungry.

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