Homeopathic Pain Relief

Homeopathic Pain Relief

Homeopathic remedies work in a different way to mainstream medicine.  To help relieve pain, homeopathic pain relief does not dull the transmissions signals going from the point of pain to the brain.  They do not kill the pain in a temporary measure and they do not cause the body to become numb to the effects of the medicine so that over time you need more and more medicine.

Homeopathic remedies work by asking the body to rebalance the cause of the disturbance.  Whilst you can use these remedies as first aid pain relief, because you are choosing the remedy to match your symptoms exactly it will be helping to direct the body to change the energy of the disturbance.   If the symptoms do return, then we need to look at treating the next layer of the disturbance using other deeper acting remedies.   But, when you hit the bullseye, when the remedy is perfectly chosen, they address the cause of the pain and the pain doesn’t return.

There are over 300 homeopathic remedies that we might use to address pain, these are a few of the more commonly used ones.  If your symptoms aren’t listed here, there are many more remedies to consider.

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Headache Symptoms,
Starting in morning, on first moving eyes, or gradually increasing in the afternoon.
Heavy head. Crushing weight, pressing in or bursting out.
Back of the head, frontal, into cheeks or eye, right or left.
Spreads to the whole body from the occiput or temple.
While stooping, feels as if the brain would come out.
Onset could be gradual or sudden (injuries/fracture)
Stiffness in neck, tension in nape.
Pains go from Scapulae and spine through to heart.
Better for lying on the painful side.

A tearing pain or a drawing pain with burning and rawness in the joints or bones.
Soreness of parts when lying on them, soreness all over. As if broken or crushed.
Sciatica which is worse when coughing or lying on back.
Tension of the neck, which is worse when bending the head back and better bending head forward;
Bruised and drawing pain in Coccyx.
Dislocation of hips, inflammation, extends down or into abdomen.


Tearing, drawing, or stinging pains seem unbearably intense.
Pain and neuralgia, or any other complaint coming on after anger;
Lower back has contractive or bruised pain which radiates to the abdominal or genital area.Feels bruised .
Worse stooping, lying, during cycle. Worse at night, and drives you out of bed.
Better for walking, stiff when sitting.
Sacrum pain, radiating to the thighs or the gut.
Sciatica pain tearing from buttock to feet with cramps.
Stiffness, weakness , heaviness which is worse rising, stretching.
Hip pain worse night or lying on opposite side. Stiffness in thigh.
Pain in knee, calf feels better when drawing the limbs up.
Cramps in legs, cracking of knee joint. Foot pain is worse when in motion.
Pain in shoulder and down the arms. Numbness of arms, feel as if they are asleep. 


Aching soreness,
Bruised pain, whole body or local involvement,
Body part may feel ” as if broken” Pain in spine may be felt as if as a result of a fall.
Location Spine, Neck, Shoulder,Wrist, Elbow, Knee, Ankle. Feet.
With, cartilage, periosteum, bone.


KALMIA:(Pain shoots downwards)
Pain changes place rapidly.
Shooting pains that travel downwards and are worse for motion.
Sharp, sticking, pain SHOOTS DOWNWARDS, from the centre or outwards.
Aching, bruised. Sore, tender, Burning and heat in the spine.
Location:  Neck, pain radiating to shoulder, arms, fingers, head or back.
Thorax, Pain in upper thoracic or between shoulder blades radiating into the shoulder, arm or head,
Low Back, Aching and burning pain
Limbs, inflammation of any joint such as knee, hip, wrist, and fingers.


LEDUM: (pain goes upwards)
Pain is tearing, pressing. drawing, stitching, feels sore.
Useful for rheumatism and gout, worse in the warm or with the heat of the bed, worse cold bathing.
Synovitis, arthritis, of limbs where the pain travel upwards.
Joints swollen and cold,
Punctured wounds.
Inflammation of joints in the shoulders, elbow, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet and heels.
Pain travels upwards from foot, to the knee and upwards.
Shoulders, stitching pain, worse on raising the arm
Hands stiff, drawing pain traveling upwards
Knee has tearing pains crackling and swelling,  stiffness which is worse when walking.
Feet and ankles sprain easily, swelling of the feet goes up to the knee.

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