Coffea Crud and other night time remedies

Coffea Crud

Why is coffea crud such a great remedy to have in your first aid kit?

Coffea is widely known to help calm the restless mind and aid sleeping when the mind is busy. 

For excitability, sensitivity and restless body and mind can all be calmed with this remedy. 

Consider it with any hyperactivity with extreme sensitivity and intolerance of pain.  Nervous agitation and severe sensitivity to odours or noise can also be part of  the picture.  Being unable to fall asleep when you first go to bed or on waking during the night when your mind is running 10 to the dozen with ideas, though and emotions.

Another aspect is fright from a sudden surprise, even when the surprise is a good one, coffea can level things for you. The picture of restlessness, irritability and thrashing about trying to get comfy is easy to recognise when trying to get to sleep. Some may even weep, tremble, laugh and cry as their mood swings from one emotion to another.

Great sensitivity to touch is also noted as well as sight, smells and hearing.  Excessive hunger, mental activity and agitation during the night.   Talking during the night

Some of the more unusual remedies that are useful for symptoms worse at night

is for the children that wake in the middle of the night and want to play,  Often we will see digestion troubles or itchy skin.  Over excitement or nervous excitement also is often seen.  Sleeplessness with a desire to talk about pleasant things which crowd the mind and often the child has no intension of sleeping again.  They are quite happy to play.

Sticta pulmonaria
is indicated for those who feel they must talk about everything and anything.  Whether they are listened to or not, they have to talk. This is a remedy with coughing worse during the night tickling high in the pharynx.  The cough might be a dry hacking or barking cough and keep the patient awake at night.

When children will not sleep unless caressed or hugged.  The child wants everything then throws it down when given it.  Moaning constantly or dozing with half open eyes.  Irritability with teeth decay might also be seen in the picture.

When the child is good during the day but screams all night.  This remedy is useful when the patient has diarrhoea or has pain right in the centre of the abdomen or is suffering from rumbling flatulence in the bowels.  Maybe very cold whilst experiencing perspiration of the head.

A homeopath is likely to prescribe a remedy that works at a deeper level to help address the cause of the issues experienced, these remedies may be really useful interim remedies that address  very precise symptom and can help calm things whilst the longer acting remedies do their job.

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